Caring For Your High-End Furniture

A beautiful piece of high quality furniture is a real investment. When cared for properly, these pieces are sure to stand the test of time, and can be passed down to your family members for generations to come. Proper maintenance is absolutely vital to uphold the value of your décor investments. When it comes to good quality wood furnishings, the energy you put into its care is even more important. Follow these tips to make sure you get the most from your furniture.

  1. Keep the light out. While we all want plenty of natural light in our homes, too much sunlight can do gradual damage to your high-end wood furniture. To prevent fading from occurring over time, keep your wood furniture away from windows that let in direct sunlight, and don’t bring them outside into the hot sun.
  2. Avoid placing plastics on the surface. While it’s always best to avoid putting any objects directly on the surface of your quality wood furniture without placing some kind of mat underneath, plastic is especially dangerous where these materials are concerned. Plastic and rubber both contain certain ingredients that can damage your furniture’s finish when they come into direct contact, so keep them separated as much as possible.
  3. Clean up liquids straight away. This goes for water, too. Even water can leave unattractive white spots on the finish of your wood, so clean it up straight away if any spills occur. Try not to use the wiping action that seems to come naturally to so many people – a blotting movement will clean the liquid up without leaving stains.
  4. Dust frequently. Dusting may not be much fun, but it will keep the finish of your beautiful wood furniture looking glossy and clean day in and day out. Rub in the direction of the grain using a soft, clean cloth. We recommend using a wood polish rather than a wax or silicone cleaner, as the polish will not lead to build-up and will allow you to re-finish your furniture at a later date if necessary.
  5. Keep the temperature stable. Severe temperature changes can affect the longevity and look of your wood furniture, so try to keep the environment stable. This means placing your furniture away from heaters, radiators or air conditioning vents whenever possible.
  6. Don’t drag. This is a tricky one if you have small children, but it’s an important lesson to teach the whole family. When you’re dealing with good quality wood furniture, dragging items on the surface when you move them will cause scratches and lasting damage. Pick up and put down items carefully on the surface to keep your piece looking as perfect as it was the day you bought it.