Capture the Ineffable Grace of Italy Through Bonaldo Furniture

Sleek, stylish, handsome, edgy, elegant. Even to mention Italy in conversations around design and fashion is to invoke an old world arrogance and charm. Bonaldo furniture helps to carry the torch of Italian tradition into a truly modern age of design, and PAD Furniture are proud to help spread their beautiful ideas for interiors across Melbourne and Australia. They represent the kind of designer we wish we could find everywhere – inspired, consistent, innovative and dedicated to their craft. The pieces of theirs which we carry are consistently among the most popular at our Church Street showroom, with a versatility which allows them to fit easily into any room or home.

Modern, daring designs drawing inspiration from across Europe

The versatility of our Bonaldo furniture really is its strongest asset, and makes them designer pieces you can really add to your home and your life rather than just an impressive showroom piece. Their tables, sofas, beds and stools remain true to classic forms, finding their unique profile through a clever manipulation of proportion and silhouette. The use of unobtrusive and smooth shapes make it easy to find space for them in an existing room layout, and most pieces we carry are available in a range of tasteful colours to help you match them with the rest of your décor.

Stay in touch with the work of Bonaldo’s exciting stable of designers

Bonaldo have an incredible eye for talent, hiring and liasing with some of the most exciting designers from Europe and around the world. Masters of metalwork, fabric, space and architecture, these names add impressive accents to each page of the company’s catalogue. They work with newcomers and veterans alike, including such names as 2016 Compasso d’Oro ADI award winner Carlo Bartoli, pushing forward the understanding of contemporary design with each release of breathtaking Bonaldo furniture.

Browse our Bonaldo collection in person or online

PAD Furniture are proud to bring Bonaldo products to the attention of our Australian customers, and keep many of their pieces on display at our Melbourne showroom. Visit us to see them in a live room setting at 630 Church St, Richmond. Alternatively, browse our digital catalogue, or even call us to discuss your favoured designs on 9421 6655.