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Melbourne’s Home of Contemporary Designer Furniture

The simple truth is that furniture makes a home, and so we are here to help you make the most stylish and tasteful home possible. At PAD Furniture, we are as in love with the clean lines and understated design of modern furniture as you are, so we put vast time and effort into sourcing the best contemporary furniture pieces from around the world for our collections.

We believe in the power of innovation and ingenuity to change the way we live and the spaces we live in. Working with designer furniture since 1996, PAD Furniture has grown and evolved into a sophisticated interior design specialist with a large Richmond showroom and close ties to leading furniture brands both in Europe and at home.

Browse our designer furniture and wall units at the PAD Melbourne showroom

PAD’s history in the contemporary furniture industry has seen us develop a series of trusted connections with big name designer brands, whose products you can witness in person at our Church St showroom. We believe that modern furniture design should always seek to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. It’s a philosophy we share with our partners at Hulsta, Rolf Benz, and Bonaldo Furniture, and one that we try to promote through our selection of striking Australian pieces to complement their range.

From big-ticket living and dining furnishings to your lighting, storage and wall units, you can easily fit out an entire suite on a trip through our range – and almost all of it is on display in a tangible, atmospheric setting at our always-updated showroom. Feel free to pay us a visit to find your inspiration or to see how a piece measures up with your own eyes.

Contemporary furniture units to complete any look, or start out a new one

One of the advantages of shopping at PAD Furniture is our curator’s approach to building a catalogue. With decades of experience predicting trends in interior design and staying on the edge of furniture innovation, you can trust our practiced eyes to pick out the winners from local and foreign designers to fill our warehouse. We promise that everything you buy from PAD will slide effortlessly into your existing design, helping you complete your home with Melbourne’s premiere modern furniture.

Visit PAD Furniture today at 630 Church St, Richmond. You can also call us to discuss our range on 9421 6655. For daily inspiration drawn from our fantastic range, follow our Instagram: @pad_furniture. We look forward to helping you out however we can.

Looking for Furniture Stores Offering Living Room & Dining Area furnishings?

The final brushstroke of any architectural masterpiece, furniture can help you project impeccable taste and refinement. PAD, a designer furniture store, can help you outfit your home, office or commercial space with furniture and wall units made to exacting European standards and the latest material innovations. You will find an extensive collection of European Designer Dining, Bedroom and Outdoor Furniture offered by PAD Furniture.

If you are looking to create an elevated, contemporary living room or dining area, then PAS is a must-visit. Our furniture stores are staffed by experts in the field of interior design, with a passion for clean lines and contemporary design, they will help you create the perfect space.

European Designer Dining, Bedroom and Outdoor Furniture offered by PAD Furniture

Creating contemporary spaces to entertain, relax and find respite from your demanding life, can be challenging. Although you may find some options at other furniture stores, as a designer furniture store PAD offers an exhaustive catalogue of European designed products to meet even the most discerning tastes.

The customer service specialists at PAD Furniture will guide to through the European designer dining, bedroom and outdoor furniture options we offer. If you have a vision for your living room or other common or private space, PAD will help you source the furnishing you need to bring it to fruition.

Items to Consider when Visiting Furniture Stores

The process of visiting furniture stores to fit out a space can quickly become overwhelming here are a few items to help keep you focused, based on the seven principles of design:

  • Emphasis – do you want to choose a visual focal point or statement piece for your living room or dining room?
  • Balance and alignment – are the pieces you chose proportional? Can they be aligned effectively and if they aren’t is this ‘misalignment’ intentional? Even the colour of your furniture can affect balance, darker hue are weightier whereas lighter hues are lighter.
  • Contrast – although choosing a monochromatic palette is popular when creating contemporary spaces, selective contrast can bring emphasis to a certain valuable piece or item of high aesthetic value. Contrast can also refer to contrast in texture, to create visual interest in a space i.e. leather and high-quality merino wool or metal and a natural material.
  • Repetition – a staple of a contemporary space, in recent years we have seen wall units that feature identically spaced recesses, that often feature repeating elements or curios.
  • Proportion – this can refer to both the furniture and your space. A large wall unit in a small space a can overwhelm it, conversely, a small feature in a large space can be completely lost.
  • Negative space – don’t misunderstand this concept with emptiness, an elegant Bauhaus inspired armchair with a slim profile also features an abundance of negative space.

There are more principles you can follow when visiting a PAD furniture stores,

Creating a Contemporary Dining Area in your Home

The Greek word ‘Estia’ is a synonym for the home, the place where meals were prepared and served and the centre. The dining area is the centre of the home, a place where people gather, where you entertain and where you take time to share a meal with your loved ones. We have evolved from the times where a dining area was just a functional space, now design needs to meet function, aesthetics need to meet utility. European designed furniture, offered by PAD furniture stores, is world-famous for these intersections of form and function.

PAD Furniture stores will help you fill out this functional space with high aesthetic value and with high quality European designed furniture and wall units.

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