The 6 Hottest Décor Trends Of 2017

The world of interior design is always evolving; that’s part of what makes it so exciting. What was hot last year may be miles off-trend in 2017, so it’s important to keep up with what’s new and stylish if you want to keep your finger on the décor pulse.  We’ve nailed down 6 of our favourite chic trends in interior design for 2017, so you can incorporate some of these new ideas into your home this year.

  1. Mix and match. It’s great to incorporate some classic antique pieces into your home furnishing, but too much of the same thing will leave your space looking stale. 2017 is all about borrowing pieces from different periods and mixing them with contemporary design to create a unique and thoroughly modern look for your home.
  2. Bright green pops of colour. The 2017 Colour Of The Year from Pantone is a bold, bright green that immediately draws the eye and freshens up any room. You don’t have to take the trend literally and go full-Kermit when designing your space, but a nod to the trend with one bold green accent wall will automatically add new life to your décor.
  3. Warm metallic. We’ve become so used to walking into a beautiful home and seeing shiny industrial metals, particularly in the kitchen area, that it’s easy to forget that other metallic exist, and can in fact be more stylish. 2017’s metals move away from the factory and into a warmer zone, with gold and bronze styles dominating the décor world.
  4. Ceruse wood. Ceruse wood offers a unique finish that you won’t find in any other furniture design style. The ceruse style gives the wood a textured finish that highlights the natural underlying grain of the wood, adding a fascinating touch to your interior design. It’s always good to experiment with different furniture finishes to find the style that best suits your home, so incorporate this trend into your home this year for a new and interesting look.
  5. Mismatched patterns. The fabrics you use in your home are just as important as the furniture underneath them. Mismatched patterns don’t have to look messy or twee – the designs dominating 2017 prove that playing with textures and prints can be chic.
  6. Blue is the new black. But not just any blue – it’s got to be navy. Black can quickly darken and drag down your space, while navy brings a luxurious feel that’s easy to pair with other colours and styles. Try bringing navy into your home instead of black, and see how the look of your interior design is elevated.