hülsta Furniture – Consistently Contributing Excellence

hülsta furniture is not just an individual expression of personality; as their website insists, it is also a statement of quality, made in Germany. Starting out as a family firm, the venerable design house has maintained a strong focus on family and the home, producing supremely flexible and functional pieces which enhance the overall look of your interior while providing all you could need from a piece of furniture effortlessly.

hülsta have a broad vision for their brand, producing everything from dining tables, chairs, armchairs, beds and sleeping solutions to armchairs, coffee tables and storage units. PAD Furniture are proud for the opportunity to bring the best of this range down under, providing Melburnians with the chance to revitalise their living space through contemporary German design.

Quality is their business, and business is thriving

One of the reasons PAD Furniture is so pleased to maintain our great partnership with hülsta is their incredible, consistent output. Nimbly moving between the different design areas, but with the overall idea of the home still central, the firm creates an incredibly broad range of furnishings from a constant stream of fresh concepts, united despite their diversity by their clean aesthetic, functional form and characteristic economy of design. We try to show off as much as we can of this catalogue through our PAD Furniture Richmond showroom, but we encourage any curious or interested customers to simply browse the hülsta section of our digital catalogue and let their mind wonder over the myriad possibilities that their products can offer.

Customise your space with these standout pieces

Even in a catalogue so extensive one can get lost between the pages, there are still top performers, those pieces which stand as international superstars among the hülsta range. Looking at the most popular hülsta furniture sold by PAD, the common factor seems to be simplicity and the ability to match each customer’s taste, with modular furnishing systems and colour-matched chairs and sofas taking the clear lead in sales. The D26 chair, for instance, is a perfect chameleon, building from a slim and elegant core leather frame to come in a bewildering array of tones and designs. High-backed, low-set, with or without arms, it is possible to slot a D26 in every room of a house and have a visitor be none the wiser. This ability to adapt is part of the special genius we find most often in a hülsta furniture design.