Rolf Benz

Create Your Place of Contentment with Rolf Benz Furniture

Companies can grow and mature over their lifetimes just like people, and design companies especially so. The Rolf Benz label, began by its eponymous founder in a small Black Forest village in 1964, is an exemplary role model for any firm which intends to let design lead and have the business follow. The original Rolf Benz piece was a labour of love by the small town upholsterer, combining the best ideas from his humble upbringing in Nagold and his ambitions fed by the schools where he received his qualifications. Embodying the modular concept and function-informed appearance which would define modern furniture, the Addiform lounge system was and is a landmark in design, still going strong more than 50 years after its creation – as is the brand name it launched.

From the Rolf Benz sofas to Rolf Benz chairs and Rolf Benz dining tables, the name is what matters

Rolf Benz’s epiphany, on which he founded what would become Germany’s best-known furniture brand, regards the nature of the sofa – and contemporary furniture in general – and what people need from it. The function of a sofa is not to fulfil an animal necessity. Instead, it answers a need created by modern pressures and stress; a sense of home and comfort which offers a retreat from work and anxiety. At home, on the sofa (or armchair, or contemporary-styled bed), we allow ourselves to be freed from the concerns with which we otherwise busy ourselves.
By taking responsibility for creating and enhancing these “between spaces”, Rolf Benz has approached the question of contemporary furniture with the appropriate gravity, and respect for the emotional state of the user. A Rolf Benz dining table is not just an attractive surface; it is arranged to create a household space, a bubble of stability and calm. A Rolf Benz chair is intended to do more than its minimalist design implies, offering permission to relax, an island of peace for one man alone.

Enjoy this consciousness of design at our Richmond showroom

The Rolf Benz Furniture range is one of the most exciting and prestigious we display at our Melbourne premises, and PAD Furniture invite anyone interested in inspecting its famed design qualities to visit us and satisfy that curiosity. We can be found at 630 Church St Richmond. Alternatively, you can call us to discuss any of our Rolf Benz pieces on 9421 6655.